A service which is perfect for standard washing and ironing – including clothing, shirts and bedding, but also catering for bulky items like duvets or sleeping bags that cannot be processed in a domestic machine at home. All work is done onsite.

Our wash and iron service includes:
• Shirts – washed, ironed and are then hung or folded (perfect for travelling) for your convenience
• Bedding – Including duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases
• Table linen- from napkins to large banquet cloths
• Duvets, sleeping bags, pillows and bedspreads – all returned in our free duvet storage bags
• Sports kits
• Horse rugs
• Wash and fold – a service wash, items washed dried and folded

Please see our commercial page for other laundry services.


We have a full range of services that covers a vast array of clothes and bedding. From both heavily to lightly soiled, suitable for both domestic and residential care standards.


With over 60 years experience in the provision of Laundry Services we can offer delivery of and help in:

  • Bedding, full linen services including residential care home.
  • Clothing, size adjustment, cleaning, pressing, dry cleaning, sports clothing including hi-tec sportwear.
  •  Table linens and Restaurant uniforms all to modern health standards
  • Horse rugs and Pet bedding

We are a dry cleaners and laundry company providing a full range of laundry services to both domestic and industry customers.

We provide cleaning services to all industries that have a requirement for fast efficient laundry services. Including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, both catering and table linen
  • Care Homes
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Guest Homes
  • Clubs
  • Corporate Clients
  • Warehouses
  • Retail – Uniforms & Stock
  • Motor Industry

And many more…Contact us on 01233 646168 to find out how we can help

We can provide fast cover if your existing laundry services fail for any reason. It may be that we may need to make additional provision, which may affect the final price, but we are confident we can support you whatever the circumstance.

We conform to all current cleaning and hygiene standards. All uniforms and linen are cleaned with the approved cleansing chemicals and can also offer a fast repair service should it be needed.